Heaven isn’t so far away…

First off…. my idea of heaven: Endless expanse of land planted with grapes, chilly and overcast. YUM.

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And now for the business side of this post:
We picked up Molly from the Vets this evening. She is now on a prescription food diet and 3 medications until the lab work comes back which should tell us more about what is wrong with her. The doctor thinks it may be a chronic disease of the bladder which has a name that I can’t pronounce, let alone remember. Hopefully we will get the results back in 3 days and will know exactly what’s up.

In the mean time, Molly is now the proud new occupant (read unwilling incarcerated kitty) of the guest bed room. Since she is one a medicated diet, she shouldn’t have other food and the other cats shouldn’t have hers. So she is sequestered until we know what is going on. I am hoping beyond hope that she can go back to her normal diet or that the other cats are allowed to eat what she eats, because trying to keep their food separate is not going to be easy and I refuse to keep one cat penned up in a room for the rest of her life. That just isn’t fair to her.

Here’s to hoping.