I have come to truly know the meaning of the word “hate”. My attic has taught me that.

Included with the home inspection repairs that our buyer is asking for is the repair of some apparent leaks in the roof. Minor by any stretch. So much so, that the hour I spent in the attic last night produced only one area that looked as though it -might- be mildly water damaged. So mildly, that I couldn’t even determine -where- the accused water may be coming from.

I ran a small bead of flashing sealant along one of the joists, and Jean ran another along one side of a vent hole. We’ll see if they accept that.

Otherwise, it looks like I’ll have to hire a roofing contractor to go up on the roof and run some sealant around the flashing so he can issue me a certification of a “leak free roof”.

I hate my attic. And I hate selling even more than Jean hates moving.

Good times.