Gratutious vanity entry

This is me in my new UK (UtiliKilt):

And of course, from the back:

Oh yeah… you want me 😉

13 thoughts on “Gratutious vanity entry

    1. THANKS! I am soooo in love with the UK. VERY comfortable 🙂

      If you like the boots… well that’s only half of them. Literally. They actually have another 2 portions that zip to the shank to make them even taller! I love them! So versatile.

        1. just judging from the looks I got today…. it will stay fringe. For some reason people still see it as a skirt on a guy and that makes them feel weird.

          Oh well… I’ll do my part to open some minds, but I doubt it will ever be more that a “statement” garment. Though apparently UKs are big hits in the gay population. Who knew.

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