Fun little aside…

Two days ago when we picked Molly up from the vet, the tech indicated he had to go give her an injection before releasing her. This conversation resulted in the following line, which at the time was only slightly amusing but now makes me smile and laugh out loud:

“I may be 10 minutes, or maybe longer. Molly has been pretty fractious to all the techs, so it may 15 minutes to get the injection in.”

This tech got some HUGE points for using the word fractious correctly, and in a sentence.

Let me tell you… she has been damn fractious with me too when trying to give her her oral medication! Ugh.

4 thoughts on “Fun little aside…

  1. Poor Molly. She hates being held as it is. And the more you poke and prod, the more likely it is she’ll start snapping at you. But, she seems to be doing better, and even purred this morning. Plus, no blood in the urine anymore, which makes me happy.

  2. Molly must be related to my baby, Pete. He is the one the vet called ‘dangerous’ when trying to take a blood sample!

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