Forward looking…

I just made the appointment with Wendy to ink my second piece, the Lindisfarne gospel spiral. I’ll be getting it done on Saturday, March 26th at 6pm, and damnit, I can’t wait. My cat isn’t even fully healed and I’m jonesing for more. (Mind you I had always planned and intended for both to be done at once, but still.) Soon my leg piece will be complete and I can start obsessing over my next work which, if the past is any indication, will be in another few years.

In the meantime, and as my lovely wife siobhan_genie noted, we will be taking a short trip to Santa Maria this weekend for wine, food and friends. It should be a fun and entirely interesting time for us all. Perhaps this time Jean will even be able to eat dinner with us.

Next weekend is, of course, our St. Paddy’s day kilt party. I have the keg of Guinness and jockey box tap all lined up. All we need to do at this point is clean the house up a bit and buy a bunch of corned beef briskets, and some other odds and ends. My two flags came in yesterday, so I can fly the Irish country flag along with the green field “Erin go bragh” harp flag, which will hopefully insight some discord amongst my guests… ok, I doubt it will, but I’d love a good political fight to ensue… you know, just for ambiance to feel like we were all really in Ireland 🙂

Good news on the motorcycle front too. It seems the dealer was able to locate a charging system issue when the bike is warmed up, so they have kept it for a few more days to hopefully resolve that problem once and for all. While it sits in the shop, I decided to have them replace my tires too, so last Saturday I went shopping. Found a great deal on some Pirelli Diablos during Mission Motorsports ½ off sale, which was perfect timing. It sounds like I should have the bike back some time around the middle of next week. Once it is back, I should be able to trust it for longer rides, which will be nice. Maybe I can start doing some more serious rides than just commuting and Ortega Highway on the weekends. It IS a sport-tourer after all….

8 thoughts on “Forward looking…

        1. He didn’t invite me… but that’s fine. He knew the answer already. And its not because we are going out with J&M tomorrow.

  1. my birthday is st. patricks day.
    i turn 21.

    to celebrate i will be drinking irish car bombs while rocking my drunk ass out to flogging molly live at the shamrock festival.

    go me.

    1. And my 31st birthday is on the 21st. 🙂 I’ll put back a pint for you if you have a car bomb for me…

      Of course I am ultimately jealous that you will be at the Flogging Molly show.

        1. Hmmm…. well then, more for me 🙂
          I Hope your b-day is a splendid one and that your inebriation last as long as you wish with no ill effects.

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