Everyone else is doing it, so I will too… since I am such the follower.

My Christmas ended Saturday night. That’s right, December 23rd was it for me. I didn’t need or want anything more; I had it all. A small group of 12 friends made our way down to the Rose Canyon Cantina for dinner and drinks. It was one of those nights where everything just seems to click in to place. After dinner, we headed back to our place to continue the party with whiskies, wines, and continued laughter. The night came to an end around midnight/midnight thirty, but the giddiness lasted well into the next day when I found Jean and I both grinning about the night prior. Christmas came early for me this year, and I was content with the company of friends as my celebration.

The rest of the weekend was as to be expected. I endured Christmas Eve dinner with my family (thankfully not in attendance was my sister and her fiancé due to a mixup on their end with dates) and then Christmas Day dinner with Jean’s family. Neither family, it seems, could just let our request for no presents stand. So Jean and I brought home a small gift basket from my family, and books/cash/trinkets from her family. Luckily, at least, both families were quite reserved in their gift giving this year, which made it a bit more bearable. Jean and I simply provided wine for both dinners and nothing more in terms of presents.

Overall, this year was one of the better ones as far as I am concerned. Not worrying about gifts contributed to that, even though I did stress a bit about not having anything for anyone. (But I stood my ground and stifled any bit of guilt I felt, and soon enough it was all over.) I know Jean missed that part of Christmas a bit, but I can guarantee 100% I didn’t at all. The only thing that would have made this year better is if no one had given me anything. Perhaps I need to be MORE grinch like to warrant that kind of treatment. I have trouble explaining why I despise the gift-giving tradition, which may explain why people have trouble understanding that I rather they not give me anything. Apparently saying “Don’t get me anything” isn’t enough.

With that said, I was happy to be home on the couch Monday night with another day ahead of me to just relax and not think of anything. Colleen was over and we opened a couple bottles to help wind down the night. And THAT was a very nice way to help me relax, as we could commiserate over our respective families and dull the pain with some nice late harvest wines from Baily and Blue Grouse.

Yesterday was spent planted on the couch watching movies all day. We had a bunch on DVR, so we just decided to not move and watch them all. We even had Thai delivery, we were that lazy!
Today I am back at work while Jean continues to relax in between a few chores she wanted to get done. Of course work is the last place I want to be right now, but alas, here I am stuck dealing with idiot customers who seemingly refuse to provide me with the information I need (and ask for) to help solve their issues. Oh well, at least it is better than struggling through the holiday commitments I needed to keep, but didn’t want to.

And just to bring things down a bit, my mom (adopted mom, not birth mom, just to keep things clear here) sent me an email yesterday letting me know she’ll be in the hospital on Thursday for some surgery to remove a growth from an ovary and to have a ‘bladder lift’ (whatever that means). She didn’t tell me until now because apparently she didn’t want to mention anything during Christmas Eve. (I guess that would have ruined everything that night… somehow. God forbid that we actually talk about things when we were at their house…. Sheesh. But that’s how we are in my family… we never talk about anything difficult.) So, we’ll be over there tonight dropping off goodies from Jean’s parents and having a quick chat about mom’s surgeries. Fun.

I can’t wait for what the new year will bring. Seriously. I REALLY hope we sell soon so Jean and I can start DOING things to progress us forward rather than just sitting around waiting for something to happen. I am so tired of not being able to move forward with things, and being stuck in this holding pattern. Something has got to give soon.

**I should add an edit here to acknowledge that the above stated rant regarding presents is really directed towards my parents and in-laws who can’t seem to understand it when we ask them -specifically- to not get us gifts.**

6 thoughts on “Everyone else is doing it, so I will too… since I am such the follower.

  1. I don’t mind gift-giving, but I’m not a fan of gift-getting, since most of the people I receive them from don’t get me enough to provide much of anything that’s truly meaningful or useful. Way too many ugly or ill-fitting clothing has contributed to that.

    1. My tastes tend to be too specific to allow for any proper gift-getting. As for giving, I don’t mind it so long as I am not being forced into it. If I come across something that really speaks to me for someone, I’ll get it for them… that just tends to happen infrequently and almost NEVER when I am -trying- to find something.

      1. Next year, I’ll just make you drink the wine instead of giving you the bottle ;^) (truthfully, I didn’t know you’re not into the presnets thang, which you’re not alone at, btw… Hope you don’t take the Stonegate as an expectation of reciprocity… unless, of course, you have a handy ’88 Margaux you want to get rid of?)

        M’s off at 930 tonite, and I’m wasting away at home (on “enforced” vacation during plant shutdown). Y’all want to meet for dinner (to potentially wash the taste of fun conversations away)?

        Oh – tomorrow, we’re doing “a night at the resort” – I need one more stay this year to make gold on my hotel stuff for work, and M needs to be spoiled at a spa, so we’re going to stay at the St Regis in Monarch Beach – got a good rate.

        1. I do appreciate the gift of wine 🙂 And rest assured the Stonegate will NOT go to waste. If I HAD a 1988 Margaux, I can asssure you as well that you would be one of the few to enjoy it with me!

          As for dinner tonight, we’d LOVE to, but I do need to stop by my parent’s to drop off a basket of stuff from my in-laws and then chat about mom’s upcoming surgery. So alas, I don’t think we’ll have time to enjoy ourselves tonight. Many apologies!

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