Even more ink….

I just got back from a fairly full day. This morning it was off to breakfast with my parents and sister so they could celebrate my birthday. The food was good, and the company, well… my parents were fun.

We survived and just in the nick of time, as we had a 12:30pm appointment with Wendy at HB Tattoo. Yep, second sitting time and this one is serious πŸ™‚

I was bumped a half hour by an 18 year old celebrating her birthday with a tribal butterfly on her mid-rear hip. I was cool with it though cause Wendy was the only one working at that point due to a bit of a tiff between the shop manager and an artist (from what I gathered). And truth be told, the girl’s butterfly was unlike any one I have seen previously.

When I sat down, Wendy showed me her rendition of the Lindisfarne spiral design she had been working on for me. It seems the real detailed spiral line work just simply wasn’t working and she had modified the design slightly to accommodate some other ideas. After looking at it for a while we decided to leave particular portions blank and come back to them after a bit of healing and see what we really want to do with it.

To refresh your memory, the original design I handed her looks like this:

From the original art:

So we began the template placement and ended up with it sitting -perfectly- on my calf (note that clicking the images below will provide you with larger images):

I apologize for the blurriness of this one… low light, etc. This is with the “blood line” drawn out. Not as thick as complete outlining, but just enough for the artist to “ink in” the basics right off the bat and allow them to come back to it at a later date to complete. This is important in the last picture.

This is as far as my skin was going to let me go today. It seems I just wasn’t going to continue taking anymore ink. You’ll note the “blood lines” and lack of template blue ink. I will have one more sitting before the piece is complete.

All said, the above only took about 2.5 hours to do. That is, I sat down at 1pm and left just before 4pm with a 30 minute break around 2:45/3pm.

And now the endorphins are just starting to dissipate. Not quite as high as I was at dinner…

After dinner we headed over to a gallery showing of all the artists from HB Tattoo. This was a true gallery show of some spectacular art, and Wendy’s husband’s band playing background music. Pretty damn cool if ya ask me πŸ™‚ Wendy was totally in her element and seemed to be glowing. Such a cutie!

But alas, we could only stand for so long, and decided to make a short night of it since I really need to let my leg heal up so I can get it completed as soon as possible!

4 thoughts on “Even more ink….

    1. Thank you! this piece has been at least 5 years in the making (in my mind) and am ecstatic at having it near completion!

      If you had told me 10 years ago when I got my first piece on my right upper arm (so typical for the first piece on a guy) I would end up with another 3 and two of which so large, I would have laughed at you. I am so not the “type”. Of course now, I am. And I am continually designing the next 5 pieces to get inked, though that will most likely take another 10 years at least.

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