Estrella War recap… I hope this is short…

No pictures yet, but I hope to get a number of them soon. So, lacking pictures, I will try to make this as painless as possible:

Tuesday afternoon, unlike the Moody Blues song, had me racing around trying to get Lenore out of the shop and packed, plush squeezing in a half hour nap before we got on the road to Goodyear, Arizona. Luckily everything came together literally at the last minute and I had the hearse out and packed in time to meet up with Raz to caravan out.

The drive was thankfully uneventful. Lenore breezed through like a champ. Though she doesn’t want to go over 75mph, I did hit 80 once… downhill… with a tailwind…. While drafting Raz. I don’t think I’ll be getting any speeding ticket with Lenore anytime soon. Jean is happy about that I can guarantee. When we arrived on site, we were disappointed to hear that we had to wait for 2 hours before we could get in, even though we had pre-registered for Wednesday. Apparently, Wednesday starts at 8am, unlike the rest of the friggin world. After being asked for our papers more time than a jew in Auschwitz, we made our way to camp. Luckily, I have good friends who made the pain go away within a matter of minutes.

We got Lenore unpacked, and the bed set up, then took a nap. While not a long one, it was enough to allow me to get up and be semi functional. I got into garb, and war started. For me, this means turning off the cell phone, and putting my car keys and sunglasses away for a week.

Wednesday at war was a bit of a wash due to the napping and general laziness I was feeling. We had fun, but nothing extraordinary. Thursday was the pig roast and subsequent whiskey tasting. The pig turned out PERFECTLY. Fergus has never done a better pig. And surprisingly, we even had left-overs (though granted the pig was a good 100lbs.).

The Whiskey Tasting was another smashing success. I’d rate this last one as second only to the first. Our hosts and hostesses at Keg’s End did a splendid job setting us up, and the crowd was spectacular. I was, and am, very very pleased with the success of this tasting, as it signifies the first step of the 3 Drunken Celts becoming a multi-kingdom group. Truly it has moved past anything which Raz, Fergus, or myself can control. With substantial numbers of 3DC members having been inducted this past week including the current reigning monarch of The West (who closed us down, by the by after 3 hours of sitting around with him and discussing everything from the scotch to getting Raz his Pelican), I can honestly say that this tasting has pushed us into a new level. Now we just need to sit down and try to meet and exceed that at Great Western War this coming October.

Friday was early muster for the heavies field fighting. Thank gods for Redbull the night before! I got armoured up and marched out to the battlefield with the Aetenveldt army lead by a piper and drummer. Nothing like marching to pipes and drums to get you in the mood to fight! The first scenario was, unfortunately, the best of the day, but damn what a scenario it was. Imagine a battle field where 4 armies are set on the tips of a plus sign
( + ) where the armies directly across from each other are fighting for the same side. Well, when our army flanked right, so did the army to our left. They got confused when we didn’t meet them head on and paused for a moment. At that pause, our army then flanked HARD left and split them causing them the turn on themselves. We retreated a bit and just stood there watching Calontir kill themselves off and win us the point for that scenario.

The rest of Friday was spent drinking and eating and laughing and walking and drinking… good times!

Saturday was a bit easier since the rapier scenarios required only a 2pm muster time. So I spent the morning working on re-strapping my gorget (neck armour) and getting it inspected, etc. Oddly, the rapier fighting was backwards from my previous day’s experience with heavies in that it started really crappy, but the LAST scenario (resurrection battle) rocked. I was able to get some really good fights in and have a blast with my friends while doing so. I was pleased to learn later Sunday night that the group I was fighting along side enjoyed fighting with me as well and have opened an invitation to fight along side them whenever we meet on the field with one stipulation: That I conscript Raz to help me write out the story of how he and I came to fight along side the WhiteStar ship. So I now have a bit of creative writing to do before the next war.

Saturday night was a bit weird. I didn’t think I had that much to drink, but apparently I had. Apparently, at the end of my night I capped everything off by standing up, crashing to the ground in a blaze of catastrophic equilibrium failure, broke a chair, nearly killed myself in the fire during all of this, and when brought back to my feet and asked where I was going by Raz, promptly burping in his face for a good 15 seconds while pointing off towards the porta-privies. Really, I don’t remember drinking that much, though I was told that while standing next to the casket in the West’s pavilion, that for ever person who came by and picked up a bottle, I too had a drink… which is odd, because I was in full control of my faculties when we made it back to our own camp and I sat down at the fire. All I really remember is standing up and realizing that I had just made a grave error. Then I made my way to the tent and passed out.

Sunday was relaxing and good times just spent hanging out at camp. Sunday was even odder since it felt like it should be Monday. Because we had the whiskey tasting on Thursday night instead of Friday night, this effectively gave us and additional day of war. I used it to just relax and not over exert myself so I could drive home on Monday without issues. That plan, by the by, worked flawlessly.

Monday we packed it up and headed home with a stop off in Quartzsite to eat lunch at a pizza place that has some great food and some “interesting local color”. The rest of the drive home was just as uneventful as the way in, which made me very happy. We got in at 9pm Monday night, due to some traffic and necessary stops for gas and the such. Tuesday was spent unpacking and running some errands. I got Lenore scheduled for a radio install and new speakers, so I should have good sound in her sometime after the 1st of March. Then comes the paint and upholstery.

So that’s about it until I get some pictures to help illustrate a few points from the days at war….

4 thoughts on “Estrella War recap… I hope this is short…

  1. We used to go to Quartzsite when I was young and ‘crystal’ hunt. Stand on a hill and let the sun hit on the crystals and then make your way down the hill and hope you can find it LOL.

    Glad to hear the new wheels made it ok 🙂

    1. That place is the butthole of the world, seriously.

      And we may have narrowly avoided a serial killer at the pizza place. This guy was asking us questions like, “Are you having car trouble? Do you need money?”, and tried to sell a bike to our friend’s little girl. Freaky.

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