Drunk and happy

Drunk and happy. that is what I am.

Fun time out drinking with the company tonight. may have lined up an “out” if I need it. Life is good.

Joanne thinks I am god. and was reiterating that to an investor. Whoo hoo.

tomorrow is gonna suck big time,

2 thoughts on “Drunk and happy

    1. getting up was fine… it was staying up that sucked. I ended up going home at 7.15am and sleeping more. Then I came back to work at Noon even though I had been called at around 8.30am and was told to not worry about coming back and to have a good weekend.

      I said “sod em all” and returned to work anyways. Turns out EVERYONE was wicked hung over, Dave being one of the worst offenders 🙂 Joanne wasn’t too much better from what I hear. I’m sad I missed that walk of shame this morning.

      But I am feeling MUCH better now. Sleep was all I needed. Even ate 2 chicken sandwiches from Burger King to prove it. In fact everyone in the office seems to be much better now.

      So, yeah. I think the entire office learned their collective lesson about Thursday night partying. But damn it was a good time last night!

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