Dental work sucks eggs.

Seems I lost a filling over the weekend. Being that I had a gaping hole in my tooth with sharp edges that were cutting up my tongue, I made an appointment with the dentist to have it looked at and re-filled.

Well, the dentist didn’t quite see it my way. Apparently the cavity is close enough to the nerve that she recommended I consult with an Endodontist to see if I need a root canal. Yippee. So while I was in the chair, they fitted me with a temporary crown to hold me until after my Endodontics appointment at which point they will fit me with a permanent crown.

So, after a good 2 hours in the dentist’s office (have I mentioned that I hate the dentist, especially when they put needles in my mouth?) I rode over to the Endodontist’s to schedule a consultation. The doctor takes one look at my x-ray and tells me it is pretty much a slam dunk for a root canal. I called him a bastard. That made the receptionist laugh, as well as the doctor (luckily I seem to have been referred to someone with a sense of humour).

So we scheduled for Friday to talk more about what may need to be done. I fear I will be in quite a large amount of pain relatively soon. Not to mention our Dental insurance only covers half of all work done, so it looks like we will be out about $600 after all is said and done. $450 for the crowns and an as yet undetermined amount for the root canal, if needed. Yippee.

At least my tongue isn’t getting cut up any more now. So, ya know, that’s a plus.

5 thoughts on “Dental work sucks eggs.

  1. Ohhhh, my deepest sympathies; I hate needles in the mouth too!!!

    BTW, I’m not gonna make it to the steakhouse music night; my white blood cell count will be at it’s very lowest that day & I’m not allowed out in public. Stupid chemo!

    Although, you may want to rethink that night; steak can be tough for a sore mouth…Oh wait, what am I thinking?!? You’ll just have a LIQUID dinner instead! 😉

    1. No worries… I’d rather have you take care of yourself 🙂

      And I don’t expect my mouth to be that sore… we’ll be back at Stubrik’s on May 18th whihc is a good 2 weeks away from today. Otherwise, you are absolutely correct: liquid dinner for me 😀

  2. Keep cultivating the sense-of-humor thing with your dentist; you’ll be able to say whatever you want and it’ll all be a part of the jolly joke. That’s how I survive at work.

    1. I can’t help but cultivate it… I also tend to call my tatoo artist a butcher and a goddess all in the same breath. Keeps the atmosphere light hearted and easy to deal with.

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