Completely Random Punctuation Post

I have found that I am particularly fond of ellipses when used in a communicative fashion as such… (Of course, I tend to enjoy my parenthetical statements as well.)
Commas are useful, but a bit of a waste at the same time when used none-to-sparingly.
Periods are merely functional.
Semi colons are cool; the appropriate uses for which are minimal, however.

As I sit back and re-read the above, I am struck by the idea that I write in the same voice as I speak. Or is it: “I speak like I write”? Chicken… Egg…?

6 thoughts on “Completely Random Punctuation Post

  1. I am guilty of an overuse of ellipses. It was brought to my attention a decade or so ago when I was all about trolling AOL for people to chat with.

    They are by far my favorite form of punctuation.

    You do speak like you write or vise versa.

    1. My over use was never brought to my attention by an outside party. I simply realized it once I began re-reading what I had written previously in this journal and when chatting it up with friends via IM.

      The more I think of it now, the more curious I am as to which influenced the other; my writing, or my speach…

      1. Does it matter ultimatly…one affects the other and then back again.

        I like to think that my writing is some what as I speak. I know I often pause before speaking to think things through and I often re-read and edit things before the public see’s them.

        You can tell when my mind is going faster than what my voice can accommodate because I stutter and or mesh words into each other.

        1. I run into the same stutter and meshing problem, but I attribute it to other things rather than my mind working faster… typically it is due to my mind trying to catch up 😉

  2. I’m quite partial to the dash – it’s very conversational.

    Anything can go after a dash in my world!

    I like this little dolled-up dash variation as well ~

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