Come one come all….

As promised….

I have completed Wendi Ramirez’ web site. As many of you know, Wendi is my tattoo artist who has some amazing skills behind the needle and behind the brush as well.

This all started back in October when Tom (tdhartist) was getting his pinup piece completed, the conversation about web sites came up somehow, and Tom ended up “pimpin my skillz” hardcore. He was doing this because wendi had indicated she really needed something out there on the web, and wished she knew someone who could help her.

In all honesty, I tried to get out from doing it. I am not confident in my skills as a web designer and didn’t want to disappoint my tattoo artist (seriously, you DON’T mess with your artist, otherwise you get shit tattooed on you forever that you have to explain to mom… like why you have a cowboy lassoing a flying penis and on your forearm…). But back to the story: I reluctantly gave Wendi my info and the addresses of the two sites I have designed previously and said, “Take a look at what I have done and if you still want me to try and do something for you, let me know.”

I was fully expecting to never hear from her again until I needed more tattoo work done. To my surprise she followed up. We chatted a bit and I committed to helping her out. I ended up getting her the hosting package as well as doing the web design, but only took cash for my expense in setting up the server hosting package. After that, we agreed that bartering for time would be the best way to go, at my instigation. (I HATE taking money from friends.) When all was said and done, it looks like I’ll be getting around 3 hours of her time in exchange for my time developing the site. This, in my grand scheme, should make us both feel like we got a good deal out of the relationship. I get more ink, and she gets a new website! You gotta love the barter system 🙂

Well, there ya go. There’s more to the story, but really, not much more. rather than boring you all with the minutia, I leave you with this:

Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and girls. People of all ages! I now, humbly, present to you….

Please click the image above and take a look around Wendi’s brand spankin new website. Have yourself a good looksee and enjoy Wendi’s tattoo and fine art portfolios. If you like what you see, and you happen to be in the Fullerton, California area at any point, give her a call. I know she’ll be happy to sit you down and tattoo you till your heart’s desire. And let her know Jason sent ya. For some reason, she likes me and tends to treat my friends really well.

17 thoughts on “Come one come all….

  1. Hey looks great. Only one question… why doesn’t it work on Firefox? it displays fine on Netscape and IE but w/ Firefox I get a black screen while the music plays 🙁

    1. Odd. I developed and tested it on Firefox on my Mac as well as my WinXP Pro box at work. In fact, just tonight I realized I hadn’t even tested it on IE at ALL, so I did a quick sanity check to make sure.

      1. Hmm… I just realized I am still running Firefox 1.0 pre-release on my Mac…. updating to 1.5 now. I’ll let ya know how it goes 🙂

  2. The site is beautiful, as is her art. I absolutely loved the tree image on the guy’s arm. The site captures her aesthetic so well, too–well done!

    1. It was precisely that image which spoke to me when I was thumbing through her portfolio back when I was looking for a new artist. It jumped out to me and screamed “SHE IS THE ONE!”

      1. Oh, and THANKS! I was sooo busy in my own mind over the fact you picked the tree to comment on, that I totally dismissed the rest of your comment. Now that I have re-read everything, I am equally as delighted that you think the site cpature her aesthetic. Wendi seemed to think so as well when she saw the first rough mock-up. She said I “knew without knowing” 🙂

    1. Thanks! It means a lot to me that you like it. 🙂 Lord knows you know I’m not exactly confident when it comes to stuff like this…

      1. I particularly like the choice of colors (yah, big surprise) and the music is kinda interesting. Neat effect with the fade in pictures too. I’ll give ya two thumbs way up! 🙂 What did you use, if I may ask?

        1. Thanks again! I used Macromedia’s Flash for the firt time. Figured I SHOULD learn it. Of course what I really learned is that I don’t like it. 🙂

    1. … for one badass tattoo artist! Thanks or the compliment 🙂 I am finding that I enjoy hearing/reading people’s reactions to my work whether I know them in real life, or have only just met them recently on the net,like yourself. Oddly, your compliment means just as much to me for a miriad of differing reasons.
      So thanks again!

    1. Sure is 🙂 She wanted it that way. Wendi gave me her pis and said “use this!”. She loves the colors, pixelation, and general fuzziness of it all.

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