Cause everyone is doing it…

Hmm. Looks like it still needs work…

5 thoughts on “Cause everyone is doing it…

  1. Whoo boy!

    That is some eclectic shit right there, man. I think it’s very safe to say that gathering of visages has never EVER been in the same grouping before. How can you look at all like a bunch of guys who look nothing like each other? How does this thing work?

    And why does Justin Timberlake look like such a dirty old man?

    And what does that say about you?

    1. Re: Whoo boy!

      from the results I have been seeing for other friends… it doesn’t seem to be a very complex routine that you would expect form face recognition software. Hell, add glases and you start getting results indicating you look like people where the ONLY common factor is the style of glasses worn. It is a lame piece of code, nothing useful at all.

      And yes, apparently the fact that I look like Justin makes me a dirty old man. But I’m ok with that 😉

      Want me to show you yours? 😀

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