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In preparation for a blog soon to come, I figured I should get all the other minutiae out of the way first…

Yes, despite not celebrating my birthday, I did end up going out to eat and buying myself a new guitar. Mind you it is nothing special, but rather something to keep my fingers occupied when I get that itch to play again.

I haven’t had a proper 6 string, ever. While I have gone through a 12-string and a few bass guitars, I always had to borrow a friend’s 6 string if I wanted to play. And that was over 10 years ago when I was playing for camps. Its funny how playing is like riding a bicycle. A few songs came screaming back to me with relative ease. My fingers, though sore, are happy now.

And yes, Jean did finish a nice new watch-cap for me:

I find I have been wearing my watch caps quite a bit as a way to reduce heating bills during the day at work. They keep me nice and toasty without having to crank the heat too much.

Work on the house is progressing. We are starting to see improvement on some fronts, while others stay stagnant. I got the living room-visible portion of the stairs taped off and primed, which has already made a world of difference.

Carpeting is going down in the hall, loft, and back stairs on Thursday, so hopefully that will mark the completion of the flooring for the house. I hope to have pictures of that up sometime after the weekend. Once the flooring is complete we can begin to focus on the walls; or one room at a time for painting and decorating. For now, this pic will have to satiate you for flooring porn:

We did get my home office furnished, which makes me very happy since I spend about 12 hours a day in this one room:

Oddly enough, the furniture is part of Kathy Ireland’s Tribeca Loft collection. I never would have guessed I’d be buying furniture with Kathy’s name on it, but damnit the stuff looks good, is well constructed, and fit my requirements for the office! After having used it for the past 2 weeks now, I can say it functions perfectly for me; which is really all that matters for my home office.

I have also been able to get a number of boxes unpacked, which has done wonders for my need to feel productive. Surprisingly, this also opened up a deep feeling of nostalgia as I waded through box upon box of old photos, yearbooks, notes, letters, and random ‘stuff’ from my youth. As a few of you on MySpace have seen, I have been scanning in a bunch of old photos from back in the day… laughing my ass off the entire time as well! (If you want to see them, just add me on since my profile is locked down to friends only… if you are prompted, my last name is O’Donnell.)

But it hasn’t been ALL laughs… This past week has been an odd mix of emotions based on what I have been finding. Some of it makes me wish I was back in high school, some of it makes me glad I NEVER have to go back… some of it is so embarrassing to me I can’t even read it without feeling that twinge of pain shooting straight to my core. Some of it I read with new eyes and realized I was totally blind, and some of it made me realize how many great friends I had lost touch with…

Well thanks to the intarwebs, I was able to find a few friends whom I have reconnected with here, on myspace, on Facebook, and via email… It really has been a rollercoaster of emotions for me; but I am very glad to have the opportunity to reconnect! While I feel a small bit like John Cusack’s character in High Fidelity Rob Gordon, this isn’t a “What does it all mean” phase… I can assuredly say that I am “In”. My reconnection is for friendship, not for me to clarify my youth. Still, it is a bit tough to not feel like Rob…

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