And such are the days of MY life…

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I just got back from discussing the electrical gremlins inside my motorcycle with the shop. They have tested, again, EVERYTHING that could be affecting the charging system. Nothing is wrong. They are completely and totally stumped.

The good news is that the repair tech found one oddity: the battery cables were loose. Enough so that he was able to move around the cable wiring by hand. Could this be the dreaded culprit for my charging system problems? We’ll see. Apparently there is a district manager coming by on Monday that the tech wants to talk to about this. It seems even the Honda Tech Line guys (I didn’t even know there was such a thing) had no clue. From the description, it sounds like he was talking to first level support techs reading from a script (I swear this shit FOLLOWS me!).

When I left, I told them that I will be out next week, so they can have the bike for at least another two weeks to try and figure it all out and that I don’t want it back until it is fixed!

2 Responses to “And such are the days of MY life…”

  1. Maybe you actually have _real_ gremlins messing with your bike. That mogwai I got your for Christmas wasn’t a toy, you know! 😉

  2. I’d be so lucky. At least if it was real I could visually track it and kill the little bugger and KNOW that I had found the problem. But I ain’t so lucky 🙁

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