All is well.

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The root canal went fine. In fact it wasn’t painful at all. My appointment was at 8.30am today and I was numbed up by 8.32am. In fact, it didn’t wear off completely until about 3.45pm this afternoon.

The pain now is minimal at worst. I took two Aleve just because I knew it would be hurting some. Now I can’t feel any pain except when I put some pressure on the tooth.

All in all, a very NON-traumatic experience. I don’t see why everyone was telling me how painful and horrid root canals are. They aren’t. At least not in my experience now. It was just like getting a filling.

More interesting posts soon to come I hope.

6 Responses to “All is well.”

  1. Whew!

    Glad it went well!!!

  2. Pretty much!!

    People are all about the drama!

  3. yay!!!

    yeah… james had one last year and he didn’t have any problems either. i’m glad you’re ok 🙂

  4. I’m glad the procedure was painless for you. Thanks for posting this, I may have a root canal in my future and I’m not looking forward to it!

  5. Well, after stressing over the procedure all weekend, I am glad to report that it was all for naught. Even today I am not in any pain unless I forget and bite down with some decent force on the tooth.

    I didn’t even NEED the Aleve yesterday, I just took it as a precautionary measure. Today I don’t think I will take any.

    If you need a recommendation for a good endodontist, let me know and I’ll get you my Doctor’s information. GREAT bedside manner and very skillful with the tools 🙂

  6. Damn!

    “GREAT bedside manner and very skillful with the tools :)”

    Too bad you’re talking about a doctor! 🙂

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