A quick write up I just added to the www.3DrunkenCelts.com site

SingleMalt.tv launch considered a success!

Even with a few hiccups and some certain bug fixes which were rolled out to the live site during the day, I’d have to say that the launch of SingleMalt.tv would be considered a rousing success for both the creator (Rob Draper) and the Host (Charles MacLean).

With the exception of one “on-air talent” (who seemed to be a public broadcast throw out who would over emphasize everything), the production quality of this new internet television channel was right on-par with comparable channels such as Discovery and the Travel channel running on Cable television.

Each of the initial segments available at launch last Friday (September 29th, 2006) were all visually stunning and packed with great information! For the Founding Members, SingleMalt.tv treated us to a fairly extensive series highlighting The Edradour distillery and the master distiller Iain Henderson who walked us through the process from grain milling to bottling. This is a man I could listen to for days or weeks on end!

Of course, there were many more segments and features which were equally as spellbinding. For a channel that just launched, I was quite impressed with the amount of material provided right out of the gates, which leaves me hopeful for the coming year’s worth of programming!

If you have not yet done so, I highly recommend getting a year’s subscription to the service. While there are some “free” segments as teasers, the premium content is well worth the subscription fees! This is indeed a 3DC recommended site! SingleMalt.tv