A party and more tin…

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We didn’t get much accomplished on the house this weekend, but what we DID do made a large impact.

After narrowly escaping house work on Saturday, Jean and I made our way out to the Kennedy School in NE Portland to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Her husband had rented a room in the school (now a McMenamin’s of course) and set it up with a buffet as well as Mahjong and poker tables afterward… sadly, we were both beat and had to call it a night around 9pm. We did have a great time, however, and look forward to seeing both Doug and Sunny at a Bite of Oregon in a few week’s time…

Sunday I finished installing the filler panels and cornices for the tin ceiling, so all the tin is finally up. I also stained some molding to finish off the beams where they meet the wall, but realized too late that I screwed up my angled cuts and will need to buy more molding to redo them all. Sigh, I even second checked it all before cutting everything. I must have been tired when I was working on that part…

Jean then took over and started painting the previously stark-white beams. Two coats down this weekend and she’ll pick up next weekend with the faux finishing part to add a wood grain texture and glaze to add some much needed depth and complete the look. Even only partly done, though, the beams are really starting to tie in the room. I hadn’t realized HOW much the white beams made the room look unfinished. The two coats of brown are already a HUGE improvement. I can’t wait to see how the faux finishing works 🙂

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  1. Kennedy School McMenamin’s. I think that’s the one around the corner from Viscountess Regina (a friend from Drachenwald days). We’ve been there. It’s a great place; but of course most of the McMenamin’s are.

    The ceiling looks wonderful

  2. Turns out one of the guests at the party actually went to grade school there as well… must be a total mind trip drinking in a bar where your old coat room at school used to be! And yes, most McMenamin’s are indeed great places 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words on the ceiling!

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