A half assed update

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This update is brought to you by the letters “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”.
Yes, I am bloody tired, even though I was home last night by 10pm. Problem is my body was still pumping adrenaline, so my crash time was extended a bit, and I never really got to a good REM state of sleep.

Last night’s tattoo session went well. I hope to have photos of the progress shortly. Wendi was able to get through roughly one third of the work needed to complete the top side spiral design. We didn’t even make it to the outline of the logo below it. After about two and a half hours of continuous work, my leg was done, and Wendi thought it best to stop.

So now I get to heal up a bit, and then go back for a second sitting. A third may also be a possibility depending on how much we are able to get done in the second, and how much touch up work may be needed. Soon enough, though, my right leg will finally be balanced with my left (so I can stop walking with that distinct lean to one side).

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  1. I can’t wait to see how Antz profile turned out on your leg.. 😉

  2. Well, it is like this, only side-ways:

  3. OH that’s lovely!

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