A good start and a piss poor end.

The weekend did indeed start out well. Friday for lunch was spent at Cook’s Corner (a biker bar out in the canyons) with a coworker and my boss. Good times. It was exactly what the three of us needed. Of course, it also made for a fairly long rest of the day.

Carne Asada was for dinner. While out grilling it up, the FedEx guy returned to deliver Jean’s new 40gig iPod. The rest of the night was spent eating and setting up iTunes under Jean’s login then syncing about 35gigs of music down to her new toy.

Saturday was a bit of an adventure which was fairly anti-climactic. We went down to the post office to apply for passports since we’ll be heading to Canada at the end of the year. While a passport isn’t exactly necessary for the trip, it is a good idea and should help to make things go a bit more smoothly getting out and back in to the U.S.

Of course, it is always a good idea to have a passport anyways since you never know when your company will want you to travel abroad. (Now I won’t have a good excuse to not go to India. Damn.)

One thing Jean and I were both unaware of was that we would have to submit our original birth certificates containing the county seal. Now, by submit I mean we give them to the post office, which in turn passes them on to the Passport Agency. Once approved, they will be returned with our passports. You can guess how un-amused I was with this realization. But being the good little naïve citizens we are, we complied; especially since we don’t want to delay the process any more than it already is by virtue of it being run by a government bureaucracy twice over.

After the application and photo session (which, by the by, stays with you for 10 years) we headed off to Jean’s parents’ place to take them out to dinner for their anniversary. They had decided on Mr. Stox and we were more than happy to oblige. They ARE known for their extensive wine list after all. They did not disappoint either. Dinner was fabulous, and the wine was spectacular. We left completely content and wanting for nothing; which is how every good dinner should end.

And that was the highlight of the weekend. Sadly, it all went downhill from there. On Sunday I decided to head out to Santiago Canyon and Ortega highway for a decent little ride since I hadn’t been out on the weekends for the past month (other more pressing commitments got in the way of a nice ride). After a decent jaunt through Ortega, I had to stop for gas. Once filled up (at $13 for 4.2 gallons!!!!) I noticed that the bike didn’t want to start easily. Great, my second indication that the battery is dying again. The first indication being the pulsing of the lights when in neutral. I decided to continue my ride since I knew I wouldn’t be stopping on Live Oak or Santiago Canyon for the last roundtrip run. On my return home, I pulled into my garage and killed the ignition. Next, I hit the started button to a slow turn over, then clicks. Yep, I had lost all my cranking voltage. I still had enough battery to keep the lights and the fuel injector going, but not enough to start it. So I sat it on the battery tender over night and will be bringing it back to the shop today for MORE troubleshooting. This time they are keeping it until they solve the issue. I am NOT happy that I can’t trust my bike. Any ride over 1 hour means no stopping.

Tomorrow I get to go over to my parent’s to set up their new Mac Mini and reclaim my old G3 to act as an OSX server. Yes, not only do I act as Tech Support for my company, but for my parents too. Isn’t it just every son’s dream?

After the computer stuff is done, I then need to start worrying about getting ready for Great Western War. I have a bit of sewing to do, including some canvas repair on some VERY comfortable Ikea chairs. Plus I need to finish off hand sewing the hooks on my buff coat, finish up my rapier mask, and maybe even get to a practice before war. We’ll see how that goes.

As always, too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

4 thoughts on “A good start and a piss poor end.

  1. Hmmmm, they have a daytrip admission for the war; maybe I’ll come visit you guys this year 😉

    Sorry to hear about the troubles with your bike!

      1. Well $20 is less than a tank of gas these days, so I don’t consider that too pricey 🙂 Would I have to show up in garb? My bodice looks kinda funny since the masectomy…

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