OK, here’s a bit of a plug for two of my dearest friends whom just happen to own their own record label:

They released Electrokuted: an Alternative Electronic Tribute to the Gods of Metal and Rock this past November. This is one kick-ass compilation of Electronic bands covering your favourite Metal classics!
From the website: This CD features bands such as Entropy64, Simulator, Color Theory, Wave in Head, Brand New Idol, to name of few covering bands such as Metallica, Poison, Led Zeppelin, Dio, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses and many, many others, (17 tracks in total).

Most recently they have released the final project from the electronic band Cosmicity, entitled “Definitive”. This two disc set contains a best-of CD and performance DVD spanning the years 1997-2004. Order it today!

So there it is, my nice little plug for Kiss My Asterix Records. This is one record label that deserves your business!!!

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    1. Re: we’re not worthy!!!!

      Least I could do, really… now that I have a few more people on my friend’s list that don’t also know you, I figured it is a good time to give ya a little plug again. Besides, I don’t want to have to move boxes of CDs come June πŸ˜€

      1. Re: we’re not worthy!!!!

        fuck that … can you say … MOVERS!!!!! Thanks, you can drink beer and watch the movers with us though. That will cool!!!

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