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The measure of a man

Posted by on Thursday, 10 October, 2013

Chivas Regal has been running this commercial the past few days. Normally I’d tune it out or fast-forward the dvr to skip all commercials, but this one in particular caught my attention; not because it’s a whiskey, but because of how the words at the beginning were strung together hinting at a lesson or twist at the end.

This commercial really spoke to me at the end, as I’ve discovered the same truth while dining around Portland where the bartenders and wait staff are awesome. Like my work in social business, humanism is a quality that stands out in a place where it is sadly lacking. Are you unsure of someone’s quality as a person? Invite them out for lunch or drinks; watch how they treat the staff, and soon you’ll have your answer. Well done, Chivas Regal, for airing a commercial that forgoes sex and focuses on quality of the message.

Take a look, and you’ll see what I mean:



Big Bottom Whiskey review and photos

Posted by on Wednesday, 28 November, 2012

I just posted a review of Big Bottom Whiskey’s Zinfandel Finish Bourbon and warehouse series single cask verticals over on the 3 Drunken Celt’s site. If you enjoy bourbon, or whiskeys in general, go check it out…

You’ll also see that I added four images to that post; rather than share the whole gallery over there, I thought I may just share out the rest of the images here on my personal site. These were shot off the cuff with an intent for use with the review, not as fine art images, but if you enjoy any of these and think I should add one to my portfolio, let me know! I adore the feedback!

Over on the 3DC blog: A whiskies inspired weekend…

Posted by on Thursday, 26 May, 2011

This is going to be a short post, since I’ve already blogged about last weekend over on the 3DC site. I just didn’t want you all to think I’ve gone a week without posting 😉

So go check out my post about my experience bottling up some Bourbon at Big Bottom Whiskey in Hillsboro, Oregon, and my fun new endeavor: barrel aging my own whiskies!

Enjoy! I know I did!