• An open letter to my team…
    Team: As my time working directly with you all comes to a close, I wanted to leave you with some parting thoughts on my vision for future of the KCS program; to use as a common thread (if so desired) through your continued collective work growing and maturing the organization: Everything we do should be […]
  • The Content Success Quadrant
    Content success is the foundation of how I look at content management in my work as a content strategist in the Knowledge-Centered Services (KCS) methodologies. As a content strategist, it is incumbent upon me to ensure that all efforts should be directed towards achieving content success. This involves focusing on the top right quadrant seen […]
  • My 2023 desk setup
    Over the 2002-2023 winter holidays I was gifted with two weeks off. Without any travel plans or other ideas, I found myself adrift in the realms of home-automation Youtube and, well, it is a slippery slope my friends. While I know enough to stop myself from rabbit-holing too far down the HA space, I ended […]
  • Why I want to be the dumbest person in the room, and so should you
    I strive to be the dumbest one in the room. I’ve used this admittedly provocative quip for quite a few years now, with the underlying genesis being “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room” taken to an absurd extreme. It’s the duality of the notion that I love: […]
  • The rise of micro-content; or, how Hemingway paved the way for Social media
    Ernest Hemingway, the legendary writer of the 20th century, is widely recognized as the pioneer of micro-content writing due to his unique approach to crafting messages that are both concise and engaging. Hemingway’s style of writing is characterized by the use of simple language and the avoidance of unnecessary words, with a focus on brevity, […]
  • Quiet quitting and the adoption of calculated mediocrity
    In our society we’re all about achieving success and being the best of the best. It’s “Go big or go home,” but sometimes that can lead to straight-up burnout and major stress. But fear not, my fellow aspiring overachievers, because there are some alternative strategies for maintaining balance and prioritizing well-being. And I’m not talking […]
  • A simple, not so simple, art commission
    Around a year ago, I was privileged enough to obtain a large-format commission slot from one of my favourite artists and favourite people. Through her Patreon, in support of her amazing 4-year run podcast (now-shuttered to make room for focus on her trauma-informed coaching business), I secured the commission slot and started the conversations. Knowing […]
  • Work from home advice
    WFH Day 4698: I’ve been full-time work from home for the past 12+ years. For many of you newly working from home (WFH), what you are encountering now isn’t our normal. Work in isolation is more like it. Know that this isn’t what was normal before, but can become our new normal for a while. […]
  • Impostor syndrome
    Recently impostor syndrome really hit me again. I’d been doing okay in this respect; I’ve learned a ton in my new role at work over the past year and was beginning to settle in to some sort of confidence that I knew enough to make informed choices and drive projects in the right directions for […]
  • I saw myself at a software conference
    They asked me if I enjoyed the conference… I exuberantly replied “Oh, YES!”, without even thinking much about why…. But my reasons came flooding out anyway: This 3 day conference (1 day workshop and 2 days of speakers and use cases), was the only conference I’ve ever attended where 99% of the content was directly […]
  • In defense of the selfie
    Selfies garner a lot of hate online, and in some cases that vitriol is well earned. I’m not here to defend the duck-face or gym-bro selfie poster whose feed is 99% them. I’m here to defend selfies for the rest of us. Those of us who aren’t trying to be influencers, who just use social […]
  • Flavour nerds
    Coming off a whirlwind business trip and subsequent jaunt out to Vegas for a whisky tasting, I missed my promised February blog post. So, I am hoping to get two in for March (one here at the beginning, and another later in the month as well). This recent trip to Las Vegas was focused on […]
  • The On Being Human Podcast – Episode 12
      Check out the On Being Human Podcast In early December I had the privilege to share some conversation with Brandi Fleck for an episode of her podcast. Brandi hosts the On Being Human Podcast where she has garnered some pretty amazing stories in a relatively short time. I’m honoured to be part of her endeavor with […]
  • This was going to be a 2018 recap…
    This past year was one of giant changes for me. I was intending to do a recap post for the past year, but my words kept falling flat. I realized I was struggling because I hadn’t been practicing writing like I’d done in years past. So, instead of a look back, here’s a promise forward: […]
  • So long, Klout….
    Klout is shutting down. This likely isn’t surprising to anyone. More likely the response is “Klout was even still around?”, as it’s relevance was very short-lived in the beginning of the ‘influencer’ marketing trend. Klout never lived up to its main, and singular, claim of tracking your social importance. Because of this nearly laughable claim, […]
  • In honour of world Goth Day….
    Originally posted to my Facebook page, here is the most goth cocktail you will find. Why is it so goth you ask? Well, by virtue of the fact that each separate ingredient is decidedly not goth, but yet combine to create such a glass full of darkness… plus the despair you’ll feel if you have […]
  • Another turning point… The closing of TVD
    I’ve been quiet on this blog for a long time. I had thought my focus on blogging would be compatible with my day job and distillery work, but I soon came to find that time and energy were in short supply once the distillery got up and running. Sadly, I have time once again because the […]
  • 5 underutilized Facebook features
    I’ve noticed a few people posting articles with comments such as “Posting to save for later..” or “Breadcrumbs…” etc. I’ve also seen a few people complaining about particular types of content on their feed. What it seems many people don’t know about are a few features Facebook has implemented to aid you in how you curate […]
  • Change is the only constant
    . It is somewhat of a bitter-sweet day for me: Yup, today I officially resigned my ownership of the Notes from Rational Support blog, and all other associated social accounts. I had actually transferred duties to a new team of colleagues over the past month, in part to help cover for me while I vacationed last week, […]
  • Another trip to Vancouver Island, BC
    We just can’t seem to stay away from the island, especially when the currency exchange rate between the US and Canadian dollar is so much in our favour as US citizens. So, of course we made good use of our time and money while gallivanting around Victoria and outlying cities. I didn’t take many photos […]
  • Reminiscing with my day job blog posts
    In building out some year-end blog posts for my day job on Notes from Rational support, I realized how some of my thought-leadership focused posts were maintaining some nice traction. While I’ve missed a few months of posting here I thought I might collect some of those top-viewed posts to highlight, if for nothing else […]
  • Ten books that impacted my life
     I was tagged on Facebook to list 10 books that have stuck with me in some way. I’ve opted to post here as a longer standing reference to this list so I don’t lose it to the wilds of social media posts. From Michael’s post, he notes they don’t have to be the “right” books, […]
  • Psst, I have a Secret
    I’ve been playing around on Secret lately. As a new social channel, I found it interesting and alluring to delve into the realm of anonymous social sharing. In doing so, I discovered a few interesting bits: People use it to talk about sex. A LOT. While nowhere near surprising, it did reinforce how as a […]
  • It can’t be just me, right?
    A dear friend recently blogged about his experience years ago dealing with a situation in which the ‘problem’ was an “is it them or is it me” kind of scenario. He mused on the fact that in the face of everyone pointing to him as the problem, it really wasn’t him, that in fact, the […]
  • A social quandary
    I’ve often heard the adage that one must never discuss such off-putting topics as religion, politics, or sports at the dinner table. That adage has, of course, been levied as appropriate for any social interactions, be it at the dinner table or in the broader world of social media. I used to subscribe to this […]