The pictures speak for themselves really… I am sure you can guess who carved what 🙂

11 thoughts on “Pumkin carving, ’08

  1. Hey! That one pumpkin looks just like the top of Adrian’s head on Sat night! Kissa got pictures of it – I’ll get them from her and send them up to you! MISSED YOU!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah, I missed you too… and everyone else to boot. 🙁

      I’m looking forward to hearing about Friday and Saturday nights… in a bitter sweet kinda way since I had to bail out at the last minute.

      I can’t WAIT to see pictures though!

  2. Fantastic.

    My brother started his carving a couple of weeks ago, because he will be away on business for Halloween, and Halloween pretty much is his Christmas — he goes all out decorating.

      1. Re: Thanks!

        I don’t know if you felt it, but I definitely waved and said “HI” as I flew over what I thought was Oregon today on the way from Oakland to Seattle. Will do the same on Weds on the way from Seattle to Los Angeles!

        1. Re: Thanks!

          🙂 If werk wasn’t so busy, we’d make the drive up to Seattle to finally meet you! Enjoy your time in the PNW, especially since you’ll be in LA later this week, blech.

          1. Re: Thanks!

            If I wasn’t still feeling totally off from the headcold, I’d do more exploring. As it is, I should try to get into the heart of Seattle at some point. Last time I was here, I got a bus tour of Mount Rainier, which I really enjoyed … but that was because I got here on a Saturday. This time, I stayed longer in Oakland to see friends, and then I was sick … blech indeed!

    1. thanks! And I missed you too, along with everyone else!!!!

      Stunt livered for me eh? Hope Saturday morning wasn’t too hard on ya 😉

  3. From one Halloween Junkie to Another.

    These are gorgeous, guys! We almost always have a huge Halloween bash .. buy we are going to skip this year. It would be great to get you guys here for next year, though..

    1. Re: From one Halloween Junkie to Another.

      awe! Thanks!!! (Just wait till Jean digs into her “Nosferatu” carving closer to the 30th!)

      And we’d LOVE to come out for a good Halloween bash! Haven’t been to one in ages.

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