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Finally embracing that which I have shunned for so long…

Posted by on Monday, 28 April, 2008

Yes, I have intentionally held off on a large majority of the new web 2.0 and social networking sites for various reasons. But the tides have turned and I am now embracing that which I have previously shunned. So… now you can find me on a multitude of sites under the same user id:

LJ: http://acdntlpoet/

If you happen to be on any of the sites above and feel the desire, go ahead and add me! If you aren’t on these sites, you may want to take a look at some of them, such as Last.Fm… pretty darned cool if I do say so.

The times, they are a changin.

Posted by on Tuesday, 22 April, 2008

First things first; Jean and I had a great weekend hosting my parents from out of town. They flew in last Thursday afternoon and flew back down to Orange County yesterday evening. They were our first house guests in the new place and as such were our trail-blazing QA testers for the systems. With a few minor hiccups along the way, everything went relatively smoothly and I think they had a very comfortable stay with us. This was especially important since the weather was a bit more chilly than is normal for this time of year, so we were glad to have all the heaters and what not working perfectly.
Some ramblings on the parents’ visit…

the cat who ate some string…

Posted by on Saturday, 12 April, 2008

$3k later an Fionna has 1/3 less intestine than earlier today. After a week and a half of not eating, we finally have a diagnosis: linear foreign body.

So she just got out of surgery and sounds to be recovering well. She should be coming home on Monday. Poor thing has been miserable and will be in more pain over the next week as she heals.