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Stolen meme from tdhartist’s MySpace…

Posted by on Friday, 28 September, 2007

As most of you know, I love talking about my own tattoos and learning about other people’s tattoos, especially the design choices and stories behind them.

Tattoo Survey
If you have at least one tattoo, please do the survey then pass it on!

Tattoo meme…

On Absinthe…

Posted by on Wednesday, 26 September, 2007

I received my bottle of Lucid via UPS on Monday afternoon… After waiting for Jean to get home, we worked our way into the kitchen and began the “ritual” of la louche’.

La Louching gone bad, then remarkably corrected….

Another 3 or so down…

Posted by on Wednesday, 26 September, 2007

246 even, now. I just wish it would start showing 🙂

Eating has become easier for me now. I don’t find myself as hungry as I did at the beginning, though I do still get those HUGE NASTY cravings for a big burger, or some other food item that has no place on the Jenny plans.

So far so good… we’ll see what next week brings.