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Second Gospel of Seamus, Chapter 1 (WotW Recap)

Posted by on Sunday, 22 April, 2007

The alarm buzzed at 4:15 am on Friday, April 13th, 2007. I hadn’t much sleep from the night before, but I knew that wouldn’t matter much; I was going to be high on excitement and anticipation the rest of the day. Today was the day I joined my compatriots in whiskies and flew up to San Francisco for the annual Whiskies of the World exposition. We had attended last year, and had decided before that event was even over that we would be returning this year for more!

And return we did. The flight up was uneventful. Raz and I got in to Oakland around 8.30am and found ourselves on the B.A.R.T light rail heading into the city soon after we touched down (Fergus was to meet up with us later once we was able to leave work). We emerged form the subway somewhere around the Montgomery exit, and began to get our bearings in the City. While it was still very early, and we knew we wouldn’t be able to check-in quite yet, we still made our way to our hotel to drop off our luggage.

Another lengthy entry where the 3DC take over San Francisco’s nightlife

So here it is… The post you’ve all been waiting for.

Posted by on Thursday, 19 April, 2007

Some of you may think this is about the 3DC’s trip to San Francisco, and you’d be wrong. This is the OTHER anticipated post.

We opened Escrow today. I got home to an email indicating my account on the Escrow company’s website has been created. So that’s it. We’re officially leaving in about 30 days. I don’t an exact date yet, but am sure we will once we sign the escrow instructions.

Now it is time to really work on cleaning out all our crap, selling off what we can, and making all the arrangements needed to get out of California. Yes wonderful readers, it is LIST TIME! Time for phone calls and emails galore. Time to go out of my flipping mind with stress.

Once we have more info, we’ll be sure to pass it on.

Back from WoW…

Posted by on Monday, 16 April, 2007

Got in last night around 11.30pm from my long weekend up in San Francisco for the Whiskies of the World tasting expo. A full write up will follow once I am able to relax, get all the pictures organized, and do some other web updating; hopefully sometime this week.

Lots of stuff going on at work, home, and hobbies, so we’ll see when I actually get to everything.

I can say it was a GREAT weekend which rivaled last year’s escapades… now it is time to de-tox!