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I guess I should recap a bit from the past week and a half…

Posted by on Tuesday, 31 October, 2006

Denver was wild and exhausting. Not being a people person, I found it very difficult to stay “on” the entire time. Not only that, but I was out until 1:30am every night, then up in the mornings to work the support desk at the conference. I met a number of my customers face to face finally, so that alone was worth the trip. Well, that and the free booze. I did start some nice bonds with a few customers, however, which should go far within my current position with the company.

My flight coming home was delayed by an hour Thursday night due to a snow storm that morning, which cancelled a few other flights earlier than mine. I got in around 9pm Thursday night, and opted to work from home on Friday to relax and try to catch up on the sleep I had lost during the week. A feeble attempt, but necessary none the less.

Friday night was the “Dumb Supper” at Paul and Joe’s, which was as different and cool as all the years prior. This is a tradition we may need to bring with us up to Portland if we can’t make it down next October…

Saturday was Colleen’s “Pre-Halloween sorta Thanksgiving-y experimental cuisine which will likely result in ordering pizza” which didn’t end up with pizza. All the food was wonderful! No matter what Colleen tells you, she CAN cook! I don’t recall much of the rest of the evening though, as I fell victim to the wiles of the grape and exhaustion which left me as a bleary eyed passenger home.

Sunday was a wonderfully relaxing day with Karen and her beau Russ (whom we instantly got along with; a wonderfully sardonic and morbid sense of humour on that one!). We started with lunch at Felix’ on the Orange Circle, then off to a movie. While the Grudge 2 was ok, it really isn’t worth more than this mention. After the movie it was back to our house to watch some tv and chat, then we headed out to sushi since we all seemed to have the craving. Sunday was one of those days you can only dream of; wonderful friends, fabulous food, and no hard-fast commitments allowing you to just cruise through the day… we need more days like that!

This week seems to be proving to be busy as well both at work and home…. Updates to follow as deemed necessary…

I am so not looking forward to the next week…

Posted by on Friday, 20 October, 2006

I fly out tomorrow to go to Denver until next Thursday night for a user group conference. While I normally enjoy business trips, this one has essentially been scheduled for me (nearly every minute of it) so I can kiss my VP’s butt and hopefully make him feel like letting me work form home when we move to Portland is a great (and his) idea.

The not-so-enjoyable part is that all my meals are being provided for me at the hotel, which means the best part of traveling for me has just been forcibly taken away. No exploring and finding new and interesting restaurants. For shame. No rental car, and meetings scheduled beginning Saturday when I land through Thursday before I fly back home. Ugh.

Luckily, I have the support laptop which is set up with wireless access, so I can at least waste away the days on the internet while I pretend to work.

Pic under cut

Diwali, a Kurta, and Me.

Posted by on Thursday, 19 October, 2006

I received this in my in-box this morning. It is important to note here that I work in the Global Support department…

On Friday this week India celebrates Diwali, one of the most glamorous and important festival in India that stretches across all religions and regions. Some would describe Diwali as being similar to Christmas here in the USA.

The celebration of Diwali includes firecrackers, light decorations, decorated homes, special sweets, and thousands of lamps to create a “world of fantasy”. The ancient story of how Diwali evolved into such a widely celebrated festival is different in various regions and states of India.
In the north Diwali is the day when King Rama’s coronation was celebrated in Ayodhya after his epic war with Ravana, the demon king of Lanka.
By order of the royal families, the kingdom of which Sita was princess, the cities and far-flung boundaries of these kingdoms were lit up with rows of lamps, glittering on dark nights to welcome home the divine king Rama and his queen Sita after 14 years of exile, ending with an across-the-seas war in which the whole of the kingdom of Lanka was destroyed.

As one of our cross cultural initiatives in Global Support we will also be celebrating Diwali. The Irvine and Dublin offices will be celebrating Diwali one day early due to travel to the UGC. We do this to try to bridge the geographical distance to our Bangalore support colleagues, and of course to have some fun.

Please feel free to come by the Support Area to take part in the festivities. You will meet the support staff dressed up in traditional Indian Kurtas imported directly from Bangalore. And if you are quick you can try some special Diwali sweets before they are gone.


For your reference, the Wikipedia articles for Diwali and Kurta are below:

Ye, I am still wearing my Kurta… it is blue, shorter than the traditional ones, and is made of the light poly-cotton cloth which seems more indicative of a woman’s Kurta than a man’s. Oh well, I am used to wearing tunic type garments, so I don’t feel as out of place as the rest of the department does right now.

Imagine, if you can, the following in blue and a bit shorter (ie. mid to ¾ thigh length):
and over denim. That’s what I am wearing today.