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Cause everyone is doing it…

Posted by on Sunday, 27 August, 2006

My ‘Celebrity’ look-alikes?

Weekend Recap

Posted by on Monday, 21 August, 2006

This weekend was a whirlwind of fun. You see, kij66 came down on Sunday to keep us occupied during the day since we had to be out of the house from 1pm till 4pm for our open-house. We ended up grabbing lunch after a bit of a small, unplanned roadtrip to find sushi/padthai/vietnamese all of which failed miserably. we ended up at Chipotle, which turned out well in the end.

From there we headed out to see a movie, and after a near miss failure, we ended up seeing the “Night Listener”. It was a valid waste of time. I didn’t feel like I wanted my money back, but the film didn’t quite leave me satisfied either. It just kind of fell flat.

Then it was back home for a stint and then off to Wasabi for some long-awaited sushi. It was even Karen’s idea, which amazed us all! AND she allowed Jean and I to order for her, which meant she was even more extra adventurous than maybe she had anticipated. It was a perfect way to end a weekend….

But I get ahead of myself sometimes. Actually, I purposefully began with the end so Karen wouldn’t be overshadowed and lost to my Saturday, (which also included sushi though nowhere near as good as Sunday’s) and comes to you replete with pictures.

See, my long lost brother John (ok not really, but it feels like it) got himself a nice little motorcycle last week and “owed” me a few miles. So we scheduled a time to get out and ride. Of course, my day had already been planned, so I rearranged some stuff which involved me riding my bike up to Hi-Time Wines to meet Raz and pickup some scotch for the KWAR class we are putting on, then over to lunch still with Raz at Kuru Sushi (conveyor belt sushi, an interesting topic for another time), and then off to John’s to start our ride.

We basically did a loop of Santiago Canyon, Ortega Highway, and PCH, putting on a total of only 146.1 miles in about 4 hours. Not the longest ride ever, but nice and interesting as there are a lot of mixed styles to be had in that route. From some boring straights, to some interesting curves and even a few chicanes here and there. All taken at a mild pace since John hadn’t been on a bike for over 10 years, probably more, I can’t remember…

Like any good motorcyclist, we stopped at the Lookout on Ortega, above Lake Elsinore for a few photos of the girls…. no, I mean the bikes are the girls. Our ladies weren’t with us for this ride. 😉

You will need to click the picture for the entire album of pics…

Once done at the Lookout, we headed back to meet up with PCH, and tool around Laguna Beach for a bit.

John decided to take me up to Top of the World in Laguna, which proved to be quite a fun ride. of course that couldn’t last for long… While we were making a U-turn in the school parking lot, I notice and odd bump-bump-bump in my rear tire. Sure enough, I had picked up a nail. So for the next hour, I plug the tire and proceed to wait for the rubber cement to dry. Luckily I always cary my tire repair kit including compressor and CO2 inflator. Oddly enough I had just been commenting to John earlier before the ride about how prepared I was… karma indeed. Which is where this picture comes in to play…

At that point we just headed back home through Laguna Beach traffic and back over Santiago Canyon. We got home, pounded some water and Monster energy drinks, gorged on Indian food that our ladies had ordered for us, and sat in the garage talking for the rest of the night… good times.

And now for an abrupt end to this post since I need dinner, and apparently it is ready Whoo!

What’s your “alcohol” horoscope?

Posted by on Friday, 18 August, 2006

Yep, I’m an Aries alright…