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The Gospel According to Seamus, Chapter 6

Posted by on Friday, 31 March, 2006

After snapping two final pictures of the San Francisco Belle, Raz, Fergus, and I turned our sights to the next most important part of the night: dinner. As it was creeping up on 10pm, we opted to walk to the nearest place we could find. A call to thejamez enlightened us as to the direction we should meander, though he wouldn’t be joining us due to other plans and some back pain that was setting in.

Dinner, and the shot heard round the world.

The Gospel According to Seamus, Chapter 5

Posted by on Friday, 31 March, 2006

When we arrived at Pier 3, we immediately knew we were in the right place. You see, the class of people which a Whiskey tasting event draws is undeniably different. The people are typically older, dressed nicer, and generally more well behaved and civil than the average person. This is not to inflate my own personal sense of superiority, as many of you may well think, but rather to note something which Raz Fergus and I have recently come to realize: Scotch and Whiskey tend to draw a higher class of person, while Rums and Beers and other liquors draw their own different classes of people.

The Grand Tasting revealed!

The Gospel According to Seamus, Chapter 4

Posted by on Thursday, 30 March, 2006

And so it was that the morning after the seated tastings, and three bars later, I was awoken at 6:30am by my two traveling companions who could not remain asleep nor quiet at that ungodly hour. Yes, my good readers, Seamus was woken from a deep and alcohol induced sleep by two grown men who just couldn’t contain their excitement for the day ahead.

Begrudgingly, I arose…