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And this was just between 6:30pm and 10pm… Imagine what I could do with an entire DAY!

Posted by on Tuesday, 31 January, 2006

Well apparently the seller of the hearse we are buying has removed the vehicle form his website, so the pictures are no longer working. Have no fear, I grabbed them off the site yesterday and will upload them to my own site tonight so you may al revel in the dirt/damaged/beautiful glory that is our new hearse.

An unbelievably productive night!

Big news that nearly all of you didn’t expect….

Posted by on Monday, 30 January, 2006

No Jean is NOT preganant. (as I’m sure some of you would think that after reading the Subject of this entry. Fear not on that front.

Aside from browncolleen, and my lovely wife siobhan_genie of course, I don’t think any of my LJ friends knew we were looking for a new car. Well, not a new car per se’, but rather an old car that is new to us.
Read on for pictures and more text…

Diversity training my ass.

Posted by on Thursday, 26 January, 2006

This past Monday, my department was blind sided by a meeting scheduled for us by our illustrious Sr. VP of Global Support, to train us on how to work with our Indian support engineers. Lucky us. Cultural Diversity Training for the whole of the business day on Monday.

A kinder, gentler, more caring support department…