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Sometimes hard work pays off….

Posted by on Wednesday, 30 November, 2005

With regards to the previous post about how much I hate writing code and how long it took me to hopefully have resolved the issue, I received the follwoing email this morning. It is messages like these which keep me doing what I do and make -some- of the pain worth-while.


It worked! You are the coolest! This has saved us tremendously. This is one of our important users and it is important that he stay happy with the tool. Losing his queries/reports would have been bad news!

Thank you again for your efforts. I will close the Case on the Support website.


Now on to all the other cases in my queue….

So little time, so much work, such a cop-out posting.

Posted by on Tuesday, 29 November, 2005

Yup, what SHE said…

Now back to work.

We’re off…

Posted by on Saturday, 26 November, 2005

For two days of wine tasting in the Santa Ynez valley.

First stop is the Harvest Open house at Andrew Murray Vineyards. After that, it is really anyone’s call.

Good wine, good food, and good friends. What more could you ask for in a weekend?