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Sometimes weekends are more than the sum of their days…

Posted by on Monday, 31 October, 2005

Last Friday I received my new helmet in the mail. This is designed specifically for SCA heavy weapons combat based on extant examples of 17th century Burgonets from the Germanic/Scots regions.

After a minor meltdown Friday night, and a quick phone call to Raz, I realized that my initial fit tests were entirely incorrect and that the helm does indeed fit properly and wouldn’t need to return it as I had first thought. Believe you me, it wasn’t pretty for a while there.

Cut for more words and two pictures of tattoos

Whoda thunk it…

Posted by on Friday, 28 October, 2005
Your Haloween Costume Should Be


What a fun and busy weekend!

Posted by on Monday, 24 October, 2005

It all started out on Friday evening when we joined our friends tdhartist and vmperella for Tom’s first tattoo. As it turns out, our tattoo artist, Wendi Ramirez, left her previous studio (HB Tattoo) and had moved over to All American Tattoo in Fullerton, Ca.

We spent the better part of the evening in the studio just chatting everyone up and having a grand time poking fun at Tom. Got out around 9:30pm with Tom’s final product looking pretty darn amazing:

Saturday was a BBQ at our place for tdhartist and vmperella’s going away party. See, they’re moving to Texas at the end of the week, so we had to say good-bye in the only way we really know how: by eating and drinking. It was a fun day/night with a lot of good friends hanging around and talking. Pretty low-key, but still completely fun!

Sunday, we headed back to All American Tattoo so Wendi could finish off vmperella’s backpiece before they left the state for good. (Well, ok… they WILL come back to visit, but you get the idea…) Following is a link to Terri’s flickr slide show of her work being completed:

And it looks like we’ll be back there again NEXT Sunday so our friend Mary can get her fairy re-done by Wendi. (We LOVE our artist, can’t you tell.) All of this work is really starting to get me aching for new work. This may be a possibility sooner than imagined as I may be setting up Wendi with her own website portfolio. I’m thinking rather than cash, we may be able to barter her time for mine which would get siobhan_genie’s dragon fly she wants done without spending a lot of cash, and thusly getting me closer to my own bit of new ink sooner than imagined.
siobhan_genie also got a bit of work done on Sunday as well, but I’ll let her talk about that in her own journal if she so desires.

As for the rest of this week, it is looking to be another busy one with minor respites in-between activities. Tonight should be fairly low-key, though tomorrow is shaping up to be fairly busy with friends. Wednesday is a relaxing hair cut at my favourite salon, with Thursday being another down day for personal projects. Then Friday we head over to joeguppy’s for the Dumb Supper, Saturday is Harvest tourney, and Sunday is back in the tattoo studio for Mary’s work.

I wonder when I’ll have time to work on my own armouring projects to get my new SCA kit in order? I just paid for the new helm last night, and expect the hat to arrive sometime next week, which is good since I won’t have time to work on it until then anyways. For anyone interested, I bought this last night: and will be heat-bluing it like I did with my last burgonet (previously posted).

Today and tomorrow I expect to get my basket hilt for my rattan sword in ( as well as my replica 17th century German blunderbuss wheel lock hand gun ( to help finish off my border reiver kit. Both of these items, of course, will still require some modifications by my own hand before I will be happy with them for use with my kit. Ah projects… gotta love hobbies that take up all your free time.