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I’m bustin a coup d’etat on them!

Posted by on Friday, 30 September, 2005

I was chatting with some co-workers today about telemarketing calls, which got us on the topic of credit cards, which lead me to review my own card’s rates, features, and other programs. I have realized that I need to cancel the one credit card I still have and get a new one. Currently we are paying $6 month for “membership fees” and the APR is at a WHOPPING 26.99%! Good thing we don’t tend to keep a balance on it.

I think I need the following to make me really happy with continuing to keep a credit card available:

– No annual Fee. Period. I hate the idea of paying for the “privilege” of membership AND paying interest. Tell ya what, I’ll pay an annual fee of $135 if my APR is a fixed non-introductory rate of 0% for the lifetime of the card.

– APR of 11% or less (8.9% preferable) on purchases. I don’t care about cash advances because I never use that feature of my credit cards.

– 5% back on GAS, groceries, and pharmacy purchases. 1% back on all other purchases.

– Fraud protection. I don’t want to be on the hook for stuff I didn’t authorize.

– Extra cards at no additional cost. I want two cards; one for me, and one for Jean.

– Travel Accident Insurance. Really, it is just a good thing to have.

– Auto Rental insurance. I honestly don’t want to keep paying $19.50 for insurance every time I rent a car.

It is time for me to take back control of my finances. No longer am I content to take whatever I can get because my credit was bad. Nope, those days are behind me now. I am now able to start demanding better rates and rewards, better service, and more of my money in my own pocket!

Viva la Revolution!!!!

And such are the days of MY life…

Posted by on Wednesday, 28 September, 2005

I just got back from discussing the electrical gremlins inside my motorcycle with the shop. They have tested, again, EVERYTHING that could be affecting the charging system. Nothing is wrong. They are completely and totally stumped.

The good news is that the repair tech found one oddity: the battery cables were loose. Enough so that he was able to move around the cable wiring by hand. Could this be the dreaded culprit for my charging system problems? We’ll see. Apparently there is a district manager coming by on Monday that the tech wants to talk to about this. It seems even the Honda Tech Line guys (I didn’t even know there was such a thing) had no clue. From the description, it sounds like he was talking to first level support techs reading from a script (I swear this shit FOLLOWS me!).

When I left, I told them that I will be out next week, so they can have the bike for at least another two weeks to try and figure it all out and that I don’t want it back until it is fixed!

Of swishy pokes and electrical gremlins.

Posted by on Wednesday, 28 September, 2005

In case anyone asks, I remembered why I rarely go out to fighter practice. I got home around 11:30 and wasn’t asleep until after midnight, then tossed and turned for a good portion of the rest of the night. I am utterly exhausted today.

With that said, I had a great time and had forgotten how much fun it is to be involved in SCA fighting. Some damn good people in those groups and I realized how much I have missed that. I even got a lot of compliments on my new rapier kit, which made me feel like the effort thus far has been worthwhile. Now all I need to do is adjust my new gorget so it fits properly and can fight in it. Hopefully it will be at completion some time this weekend.

Right. Next order of business: Motorcycle.
Which is a bit amusing to point this out as the next order of business, since I have not yet heard back from the shop as to any progress which may (or may not) have been made.

I am thinking that it may be useful to have them keep it until after War since I won’t be needing it while I am out on site in my silly clothes. I think I may have to swing by the shop at lunch today to see where they are at and let them know to keep it for the next week and a half until I return from Great Western War, at which point I expect it to be fixed and running perfectly.

Sorry bout the disjointedness of this post. I don’t think my brain has quite caught up to my fingers yet.