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Sooooo tired. But last night was well worth it.

Posted by on Tuesday, 30 August, 2005

We got to see Steph and the rest of the crew last night. Everyone started showing up around 6:15pm and didn’t end up leaving until well past 11pm. The standard run down applies here: good food, good drink, and good friends make for a great evening. I keep forgetting how dangerous the game “Catch Phrase” is with this group! My only wish is that we could have done this over a weekend rather than a Monday night, but Steph’s schedule just wouldn’t allow it. Of course, it looks like we will be doing the same thing next Monday too, just with a different group of friends.

Of course that all means I am dragging my butt big time this morning. Luckily, I have very little on my plate for today and tonight so I should be able to recuperate a bit. I doubt I’ll even get to my buff coat tonight. I have so little left to do, but I am pretty sure I’ll be beat by the end of the work day. Maybe I’ll get around to it when my gorget arrives, which should be sometime before Friday. (The armourer emailed me yesterday noting that he shipped it out.) The only thing left to get after that is a decent weight shirt to wear under the coat.

Funny thing about hanging with friends you haven’t seen in ages… every now and again you get a lead on a decent little job. In talking with Chad (Gina’s husband) we got to geek out for a while and come up to speed on each of our projects. He is developing a new online Music distribution channel similar to Napster and iTunes, expected to roll out to beta sometime in November. And as it turns out, he is going to need someone to do user-level documentation and support level technical writing. So, of course, I handed him my card and let him know I may well be interested in some free-lance work as a tech writer. So we’ll see how that all works out. (Not banking on it by any stretch, but it is always good to investigate possibilities for career movement.) And it seems to be the right size project too: not too big at first and easy enough to pull off in my down time, but robust enough to give me some good experience in actually developing documentation from the ground up. A resume builder at the least.

So there it is. I guess I better get back to sleep work…

Vacuums and Buff coats and Visitors, OH MY.

Posted by on Monday, 29 August, 2005

This weekend was actually fairly productive and relaxing.
Cut for boring weekend recap stuff…

Some interesting and unexpected job news…

Posted by on Tuesday, 23 August, 2005

As you all probably know, I work as a Technical Support Engineer for a software company. We develop some fairly complex suites of tools marketed and designed for other software developers to manage their code and requirements. It is really pretty boring stuff, but the job is complex and interesting enough to keep me entertained.

Additionally, you all probably know that I was laid off from this company in 2002, and rehired towards the end of 2004. When I was brought back on board, my hiring manager (who also happens to be a friend from the SCA) discussed my long term goals and how he may utilize some of my skills in a role more suited to achieving said goals.

Fast forward to last week when I have the VP of Global Support standing in my cube talking to me about my goals (my boss was away playing at Pennsic last week). Friday, I get a call from my boss from Pennsic, asking me what the VP was talking to me about, noting that he had just received an odd email from him. I explained, and that seemed to be the end of it.

Until today. My boss is back, and he called me into his office around 1pm. During our chat he indicated that sometime in October, I will be transitioning to a Tech Writing position within the Support organization to head up the generation and maintenance of our Knowledge Base and Technical Bulletins. I will still be doing support (in an 80% support 20% tech writing role) for the beginning of the transition, until such a time that I can devote 90% of my time to writing and 10% to support).

This means I will be getting training on our entire product line (not just the one I currently support) which should help me with my marketable skills and knowledge as well as with supporting the various integrations of all our products.

I am unbelievably excited about this. I am finally starting to see my goals realized in becoming a full time tech writer. While it hasn’t happened yet, I am heartened to know that there is at least a good deal of conversation and movement towards this transition. Even better is that my boss and I will be determining the expectations, scope, and responsibilities of the position, so I will have a direct hand in determining exactly what I will be doing.

And that is wicked cool.