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Woe is me, and other unrelated musings

Posted by on Thursday, 30 June, 2005

Sometimes it just isn’t easy to write. Sometimes it is. This is one of the former.

Now, what was I saying?

I hate statistics…

Posted by on Monday, 27 June, 2005

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Happy birthday Jared….

Posted by on Monday, 20 June, 2005

One of my best friends, Jeremy, whom I have known since pre-school just became a father today. His wife gave birth at 4am today to baby Jared… 9lbs, 4 oz. 11 inches long.

Jeremy is now the first of “the group” that grew up together to be a parent. Scary. We always thought it would be Tom to be the first…

No real time to post, however. Work is a bitch today, just like Friday…. ugh