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The count down begins…

Posted by on Monday, 28 February, 2005

The T’s, Jean, and I just got back from talking with Wendy at HBTattoo. Terri has an appt. scheduled for later this month and I have an appointment set for this coming Thursday evening at 6pm to have a new piece inked. Jean will also finally be finishing her back piece (as can be seen here) after Wendy is done with me. And we are both excited about the completion of her piece. It has indeed been a long time coming.

For this session I have chosen to finally have two items finally etched into me. Both of these are pieces I have been mulling over for some time now and have finally found how I want to do it.

The first, and top piece, will be on my upper left calf and comes from the Lindisfarne gospels which date in origin from between 710a.d. and 721a.d. More specifically it is an oval portion of the inside of an illuminated letter “O” from the beginning of the letter from St. Jerome to Pope Damascus. Ever since discovering illuminated texts I have lusted after this single portion of a letter like no other. Something about it speaks to me, though if I were pressed I would have a hard time explaining why.

The second piece (which will reside just below it as shown) will be a small celtic cat which, I believe, is from the Book of Kells, though I have been entirely unable to relocate the image and verify its origins. (Any help verifying would be very welcomed.) I am very drawn to this image more than any other “celtic cat” zoomorph that I have seen. The “plumpness” of the kitten and apparent demeanor allow me to identify it most closely with my actual cats, whereas all the other cats from the Book of Kells and beyond are all lanky, svelte animals, which bear little in common with the cats I love.

Please excuse the rudimentary image below. I can assure you the final result will be -much- more clean and impressive. This is a simple composite which will give you a good idea as to what the final piece will resemble.

And yes, I decided to do all black work, as it is closest to my personal style and preference. I just can’t bring myself to have a “realistic” or “reproduction” piece inked on me. I just love the look of black work too much to have anything else.


I love corporate america

Posted by on Monday, 28 February, 2005

I was just asked to remove the following printout from my cube wall. Call it only appropriate:

Personally, I find it amusing. Apparently a coworker didn’t. Ah well… it isn’t like the coworker is offended BY me. In fact, they found my other printout quite amusing:

I guess some people just don’t see the world like I do. Apparently the truth hurts more than I thought.

I should also point out that while he found this one offensive, I wasn’t asked to take it down:

Bike troubles redux.

Posted by on Friday, 25 February, 2005

In attempting to leave work for a quick lunch yesterday afternoon, I was greeted with a clicking noise when starting my bike. Typical dead battery sounds. Lucky me. Not only was I already a bit late for lunch, but now I wasn’t going to have any at all. Blood sugar drops, and I get pissed.

Back inside the office at my desk, I get on the phone with Triple A and schedule a flatbed to come out to jump the bike. The flatbed was just in case it wouldn’t jump and I needed to be towed. Luckily the jump works and I head over to the dealership to fix the issue. Mind you, by this point it is 5.30pm, a good half hour later than AAA had been scheduled to arrive and provide some semblance of assistance.

Very not happy. But oh, it gets worse. Bad timing, apparently.

It seems that Spectrum Honda is changing ownership over to Mission Motorsports. This is a fact I knew about when I bought the bike, and isn’t necessarily the problem. The problem lies in the fact that this ownership change is occurring this weekend and no service repairs can be scheduled until after the change is complete. This means I need to wait until next Tuesday to simply –schedule- a service repair, which may not get my bike in until the week after. Ugh.

I guess I won’t be doing any riding this weekend like I had planned. This, of course, means that this weekend will be –perfect- riding weather and my bike will be sitting, cold and alone, in my garage waiting to be fixed.

The only good news here is that it sounds like the issue is a known and particularly troublesome problem with the 1998-2002 VFRs. The bike is known for its shoddy r/r (regulator/rectifier) and has been well documented on every VFR website in existence. The solution is to simply swap out the old r/r for the new 2003 version. That’s it. Simple fix. And it should be covered under my extended warranty. Of course, while the bike is in the shop, I might as well put new tires on it so it doesn’t have to go back to the shop for a good long time. Hopefully.

And to just top off the end of this week, I have my final traffic school class tonight until 10:30pm. Great. Another 4 hours that I get to be treated like a pre-schooler and have my intellect insulted by not only the instructor, but the rest of the class as well. I swear I lose brain cells by sting in that class and around those people. Yes, I am superior. And pointing out that I am there because I got a ticket does not make me less superior. You’d understand if you had to put up with the dim-witted questions and indirect answers that come out of that class. I guess that is the price I have to pay for driving within my comfort level. Jerks.