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Wow… it sure has been a while.

Posted by on Friday, 26 November, 2004

I have so much to say, but have not had the time or motivation to write anything out. Today is no different. But I have decided to give the basic run down to catch up on the past week or two.

1. Jury Duty: got postponed for Superior court. Still haven’t heard about District court.
2. Last week at work was unbelievably productive, though long. 12 hour days for the most part. This isn’t how your last week is supposed to go!
3. This week was wine tasting up in Santa Maria. As typical, we went up with a limit of one case for ourselves, and came back with three cases of some fabulous vino. Well worth it I’d say.
4. While wine tasting, we had the pleasure and luxury of staying with our dear friends George and Kathy at their new home in Santa Maria. Nothing could have topped this week off better than being able to visit with them and enjoy good food and wine at the same time. VERY relaxing.
5. Thanksgiving was typical and uneventful for the most part; largely due to my sister not being there. I guess she is back in some sort of “program” again. This is further proof that it will never end with her.
6. Hosting our own turkey day tomorrow for about 12 people. Should be fun in that I will again be able to revel in my own hedonism of food, wine, and good company.
7. Still have some writing to do for the old company (on a contract type basis) which should keep me in gas money for a little bit.
8. Monday is back to my new old job.

I know I could be much more verbose and flourish with this entry, but I really don’t care to spend the next 3 days writing a single journal entry; which is what it would take to properly re-cap the events in the past week and a half. So instead, I will leave you with this picture from our tasting trip:


Sometimes I really, truly love being me…. the drive that resulted in the picture above was one of those times.

The United States of America is my mortal enemy

Posted by on Friday, 12 November, 2004

So, while I sit here at my desk in my home office waiting to refresh the Orange County Courts web site to see if I have to report into the Superior court for service on Monday morning, I am ALSO filling out the questionnaire that just came in the mail today along with a Jury summons for the United States District Court, Central for service on December 7th.

Now what the hell is that all about?!?!?!?!

Someone deep inside the US government obviously has it out for me. Personally, I think they work in an X Files type agency as a mole for a nonexistent department of the interior which is busily making life hell for anyone who has stumbled upon their existence. Or I could just be paranoid.

But seriously… what the hell! I have jury duty next week…. and then AGAIN 3 weeks later for a different branch of the judicial system? Come on people! That can’t be legal.

Sheesh… give a guy a break already!

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Wedding Recap…

Posted by on Tuesday, 9 November, 2004

So I have found a little time to myself finally. Figured I’d spend it at the computer recapping the past weekend rather than sleeping like my body is telling me to do.

First off I will cut this because there are bound to be a few pictures making their way into this posting….