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So, now that I have a bit of time to write….

Posted by on Tuesday, 26 October, 2004

I thought I would try and explain some of my feelings, fears, and joys.

This is going to be a long one… I can feel it…

To butcher an Ice Cube lyric: Today was an odd day

Posted by on Tuesday, 26 October, 2004

Probably one of my shortest posts ever:
I have confirmed that the woman referred to in previous posts is indeed my birth mom. Happily, she seems calm, collected, and open to talking. My world, I feel, is about to change completely.

When Jean asked how I felt about this, all I could think of was:
…you know Minnie Driver’s character in Grosse Point Blank when John Cusack first comes into the station then leaves and she goes on a outward monologue about her inner emotions? Kinda like that, but with different feelings…
I’m honestly not sure how I truly feel, but right now I’m kind of excited.

So, how’s that for earth-shattering news?

Of bold moves and choices which can only help

Posted by on Saturday, 23 October, 2004

I haven’t had much time to update this past week. Between work’s hectic schedule and some meetings scheduled for after work, and a going away party, I have been getting home fairly late and have been exhausted when I finally am able to sit down and decompress.

Here’s the story in a nutshell (or possibly more depending on how much I find there is to say):