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Words can not do the weekend justice.

Posted by on Tuesday, 31 August, 2004

It is a shame to do so much in a single weekend. Let alone with such good company. When this happens, it seems that regardless of how much fun was had, there is always something which will be forgotten simply because it was overshadowed by something else. I will do my best here to not forget the important things, but I may anyways; forgive me if I do.

Friday night low-key fun

Down the drain

Posted by on Friday, 27 August, 2004

So, it would seem that getting my hands on the Help and User Guide documents to edit and update is proving to be quite difficult.

Cut again for more dull and boring work related issues.

I’m givin ‘er all she’s got cap’n!

Posted by on Thursday, 26 August, 2004

So yesterday kinda blew.

Cut for boring work crap…