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Still waiting Haiku

Posted by on Wednesday, 28 January, 2004

No word on the place
Expect to know sometime soon.
Not good for stressing.

This one is short….

Posted by on Tuesday, 20 January, 2004

So last night Jean and I decided that if we both die at the same time, our cobined funeral will have one song played over all others:
Johnny Cash’s cover of The Beatles’ “In My Life”.

And why not?
We had the Fenians play it at our wedding.
And seriously, Johnny Cash covering our favourite song for our combined funeral? That would be Goth-as-Fucktm

What a nice little accident…

Posted by on Tuesday, 20 January, 2004

I never would have said this, but it seems to fit in some small cubby-hole of my life and its happy little accidents.

Your alter poet is Thomas Stearns Eliot. For you,
life rocks pretty hard!

Who is Your Alter Poet?
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